Alpiq in: Hungary
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Environmental information

At Alpiq, we do everything in our control to promote continuing environmental improvement and sustainable development.

To continually improve our environmental performance, we have established a comprehensive set of guidelines in which we pledge to:

  • Understand our environmental responsibilities and meet our environmental obligations; 
  • Use the Environmental Management System (EMS) ISO 14001; 
  • Ensure the safe management of raw materials and by-products; 
  • Promote the efficient and environmentally friendly use of energy and material resources; 
  • Recycle where appropriate; 
  • Monitor and control the impact of our activities on the environment; 
  • Respond promptly and effectively to any environmental incidents; 
  • Maintain close relations with the appropriate regulators, authorities and environmental organizations; 
  • Educate and train employees on environmental responsibility; 
  • Promote openness and a structured approach towards environmental issues; 
  • Perform regular auditing and policy review. 

Our company possesses various licenses and certificates (Csepel II has the IPPC- Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control- license) and offers in-company training courses in environmental care and emergency response. Across our entire business, we have identified and implemented environmentally friendly practices, and we will continue to do so.