Alpiq in: Hungary
Alpiq Group


Commitment to safety

Through continuous development, we will become a safe and accident free site exemplary for everyone, and with a strong focus on people by building on our safe work methods and learning from the experience of others.

The clear target is to maintain the zero accident level, and to realise this vision the commitment and contribution of everyone is needed, including staff, contractors, suppliers and visitors. It is our strong and honest belief that all injuries and accidents can be prevented.

Policy on safety

The safety of personnel is the number one priority. Our Health and Safety Policy is based on our-long standing belief that all accidents and injuries are preventable and that none of our activities are worth risking injury or endangering health.

The goal of our management team is to develop and maintain an excellent safety system that is transparent and available to all. We hold our partners to high standards as well. Safety is an important criterion in choosing suppliers.


Our staff has not suffered an accident in over 18 years. We have introduced management schemes unique to Hungary such as "Safety from the System" and "General Safety".  We also participate in ongoing meetings and seminars with other organisations to share experiences and formulate best practices.

As external recognition of our health and safety improvements, the UK’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has granted Gold Medal Awards to Csepel II Plant.

Besides accident prevention, our company offers a comprehensive workplace health program. Workers benefit from ongoing activities to prevent illness and improve well-being.